Lost love story

Lost love story - Laura & Larry

Laura and Larry met as 12 year old kids at Jewish community meetings at a beach in New Jersey, the attraction was mutual but they stayed friends

They lost touch until fate intervened 37 years later when the couples parents moved up to the same retirement community in Florida

Laura was a divorced single mom living in New York City and Larry a divorced single dad living in Louisville.

A few weeks later, the two met at their parents’ retirement community. The two went to dinner that evening in a beachside restaurant and talked

After dinner, they Larry and Laura went to the beach and had a great time under the moonlight. Over the next 18 months, they had a long-distance relationship & eventually got married a year later

“Laura has been a great blessing to my life,” said Larry. Laura echoes his affection. “He is the love of my life. I met him when I was just 10 and felt his effect on me from then on. He’s just so great to be with; I’m truly blessed.”